Hell or High Water: Movie review


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If you haven’t seen Hell or High Water, it’s something to consider for this weekend. Not only was the acting stellar across the board, but the story is one that so many can connect with; not because we’re all bank robbers, but because most of us can relate to financial debt, owing the bank money, and the feeling of drowning in it. Who hasn’t considered pulling a bank job or two?

In all seriousness though, the film does a great job of addressing the precariousness of living in the murky waters between moral and immoral. Thrilling, funny, smart and relevant. And, the acting must be mentioned once again. If you were not a Chris Pine fan before, you will be after watching this film; phenomenal. Ben Foster convinces the audience he was made to play this role; he is comical, frightening, and heartbreaking. Jeff Bridges; enough said.

If you’re considering this film, you probably know it has an R rating for strong violence, language throughout and brief sexuality.So a warning to those who want to be warned about these kinds of things: The violence is what you might expect from a bank robbery film, the strong language is in the sixties range with a handful of the words of a religious nature, and the sexuality is in the form of a sex scene, that, while not in clear focus and not very long, it’s enough to get the full idea, and an eye full.

So, discretion advised, and if you choose to go, let me know your thoughts!

Happy and safe weekend to all!


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