Who Am I?

That’s me and the girl up there (that was a while ago, like 2011)! I’ve spent the past eight years of my life stumbling down the road of parenthood. I am a single mom to a voracious little girl —voracious encompasses not just her appetite for food, but for life and mischief as well. More life and experience has been packed into the last eight years of my life than all the twenty-two prior to that. 

What I aim to do here is share it with you, the laughter, the heartache, and the experiences. Life is more bearable when you have others to share it with.

I’m a writer at heart, so here’s what you can expect: To hear a whole lot about my adventures and struggles with baby J. You can also expect some poetry, because what’s life without it? And, I will do my very best to share the fiction I have imagined.

 “That’s what fiction is for. It’s for getting at the truth when the truth isn’t sufficient for the truth.” – Tim O’Brien

I hope you will let our worlds collide, even if only in cyberspace, because sometimes reading about another persons struggle is enough to lighten our own load – at least take our  mind off it for a while.

I’m always down for a chat, so shout at me here if you want to get in touch.

Oh, I should also mention: for those who know me, my real name is obviously not Rae Ryan, for those who don’t, well now you know. But I like it and I’m going to keep it, so there.